Introducing Wuuff Taxi...

A professional team that goes the extra mile to bring your pet to your home safely and stress-free!

Delivering your pet is not just a job, it's a mission!

We don't just drive your pet to you. From the moment we depart, we know that our passengers are eagerly waited for at their destination, and that you have given us the great responsibility to bring a family together. 

Your pet will travel safely, on a well organised delivery, with an experienced driver, and have the correct permits and impeccable documentation. But most of all they travel with LOVE and CARE. 

For the Wuuff Taxi team of animal lovers, our PASSENGERS come first. 

Our vehicles

Our new vehicles have everything essential for your precious bundle to travel safely and comfortably to their new loving family. If we say so ourselves, we think they are rather swish! 

In addition to safety, we also know how important comfort is. A comfortable pet, is a happy pet!

Our cars are a CITROËN Jumper and an OPEL Combo, and have the following facilities to favourably furnish your furry friend...

  • Air conditioning
  • Ventilation
  • Heating
  • Insulated and secure transport space
  • Custom sized comfortable crates

Your pet will travel legally, safely, and with love! 

Wuuff Taxi autó
Opel Combo Wuuff Taxi
Wuuff Taxi

Our Driver

My name is Attila Horváth. I am 54, and between travelling with little furballs, I live in Budapest. Animals have always played an important role in my life; I have loved and cared for them since I was a child. For many years I worked in the tourism industry, and logistics has always been a key part of this.

During every journey I am dedicated to the welfare and comfort of the pets in my care. It is so important to me that I pass a pet to a satisfied, happy owner. 

I speak several languages (Hungarian, English, German, French, Italian and Romanian). This means I can help the breeder and the new owner with communication, and it is easy and stress free to reach out to me before the long-awaited new family member arrives at their home.

It may sound cheesy, but in my work, honesty and integrity guide me.

Our Company Network

Euro Puppy helps prospective owners make the right choice, Wuuff supports the breeders, and Wuuff Taxi defeats the distance!

We provide an experienced, cost-effective and safe solution for transporting a pet to their new home. This takes the burden of organising and accomplishing this off the breeders' shoulders.

Our network of companies offers a complete package for a pet and its owner. We are there to assist from the pets birth, up until the arrival in their forever home!

From Euro Puppy, to Wuuff, now has been created to make that final step to a happy home simple. For us, the passenger comes first! Put us to the test!

Wuuff Taxi

I am very impressed with the level of service and how smooth everything went. Wuuff Taxi has even taken care of the entire custom duty process on my behalf. I will surely recommend your company to my friends.

Wuuff Taxi átadás

Diana Farr


Thank you for the wonderful service. I wasn't expecting such a frequent update about the arrival of my beautiful puppy. I was relieved to see that my puppy was well taken care of during the travel.

Wuuff Taxi átadás

Marie Wersh